Angelologia papieża Szenudy III

Angelology of the Pope Shenouda III

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Strona: 167 - 185

Publikacja w numerze: 16 (2016)

Autor: Lipniak Jarosław M.


The truth about existing angels is dogma of faith. Existing of spiritual beings that are called angels by us is truth which is testified both by the Holy Scripture and unanimity of tradition. Angelology of the pope Shenouda III shows richness of the theologian’s thoughts and points to the high level of theological reflection on angelic world in the Coptic Orthodox Church. Numerous works of the Custodian of the tomb of St. Mark show an intensive interest in teaching on the angels and broad point of view on analysed issue. The Coptic pope his views on the angelic world built upon the Holy Scripture and tradition. He does it however without taking into consideration exegetical achievements what is critical remark. The angelology of the pope Shenouda III is an original work and in main points is identified with the Catholic theology. Shenouda III has avoided of the mistakes made by theologians dealing with angelology and connected the angelic world with the Christ. Regrettably, he made it too gently.