Duchowość ewangelikalna – szansa dla ekumenizmu

Evangelical Spirituality – the Space of Ecumenism

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Strona: 253 - 275

Publikacja w numerze: 16 (2016)

Autor: Sawa Przemysław


Evangelical spirituality is a space of practical and spiritual ecumenical dialogue between protestant communities and Churches, and some of Catholic groups, especially those evangelisational and charismatic. Despite obvious doctrinal differences, some common traits can be listed: basing on the Bible, focusing on the Cross and the Christ, convertism (the need of personal conversion) and focus on evangelization. Those communities together, yet differently, testify about the necessity of making a conscious choice of faith as one’s
lifestyle and about essentiality of evangelised and evangelising community of the baptised, of new dynamic worship and spontaneously animated prayer. It is also important to identify the dimensions of Churches’ and communities’ cooperation, and of the spiritual gifts exchange. Discovering of new forms of evangelisation and Kerygmatic preaching, experiencing community life by the faithful, exploring of the spirituality of the sacraments (institutions) and ability to accept the charismatic gifts are all worth to be noted among those factors. Spiritual renewal should be an undoubted priority.