Ekumeniczny wymiar mariologii

The Ecumenical Dimmension of Mariology

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Strona: 381 - 392

Publikacja w numerze: 17 (2017)

Autor: Rabiej Stanisław


The paper analyzes contemporary trends in mariology. It briefly outlines the assumptions of the maximalist (christotypic) and minimalist (ecclesiotypic) mariology. By suggesting their complementarity the ecumenical model of mariology is proposed. His basis is systematically developed in many bilateral groups, e.g.: The Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary in England, The Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission – ARCIC, The Lutheran-Catholic Commission in the USA and Germany, The Group of Dombes. Echoes of these arrangements have been reflected in the content of catechisms developed by local churches, e.g. in the Netherlands, Germany and France.