Ekumenizm w Polsce w kontekście dokumentów II Polskiego Synodu Plenarnego (1991–1999)

Ecumenism in Poland in the Context of the Documents of the Second Polish Plenary Synod (1991–1999)

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Strona: 63 - 79

Publikacja w numerze: 16 (2016)

Autor: Glaeser Zygfryd


The Second Polish Plenary Synod had been solemnly inaugurated by Pope John Paul II during his visit to Poland in June 1991 and concluded also by the pope on June 11th 1999. The preparatory works for the Synod lasted for almost three years. During that time the essential problems were identified to be discussed and elaborated on by the synodal groups. The drafts were prepared by seventeen thematic commissions. Among them the document entitled The Catholic Church in Poland on the Way of Ecumenism has a very special place. Unfortunately, the document was not included among the fourteen final documents of the Synod even if in some points we can find some ecumenical references. But some of the important questions have not been addressed, for example: the ecumenical formation of lay people or the pastoral attitude towards mixed marriages. The Synod has not gained a coherent statement of the Roman-Catholic Church in Poland on ecumenism and did not show any ecumenical sensitivity in this matter, which was promoted by John Paul II.