Jesus Christ – Living Rule of Christian life. Ecumenical Dimension of sequela/imitatio Christi

Jezus Chrystus – Żywa Reguła chrześcijańskiego życia. Ekumeniczny wymiar sequela/imitatio Christi

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Strona: 27 - 36

Publikacja w numerze: 16 (2016)

Autor: Pawłowski Sławomir


The ideas of sequela Christi and imitatio Christi as a rule of Christian life are all rooted in the words and attitude of Jesus and the Apostles, and then expressed in the teaching of the Church, from the Fathers onwards. They have a great ecumenical importance as a regula vitae for all Christians. In the new millennium, we must show the world the «whole» Christ in His fullness of truth: in the power of the baptismal grace, with the joyful boldness of the Spirit, in ways renewed in methods and zeal. The ecumenical dimension of this following/imitation Christ rises from his Trinitarian, Christological, pneumatological and baptismal foundation in the perspective of the evangelization.