Luterańska hermeneutyka biblijna i jej współczesne wyzwania w świetle dokumentu „Na początku było Słowo”. Biblia w życiu wspólnoty luterańskiej

Lutheran Hermeneutics and its Contemporary Challenges in Light of the Study Document „In the Beginning was the Word”. The Bible in the Life of the Lutheran Communion

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Strona: 233 - 252

Publikacja w numerze: 16 (2016)

Autor: Klukowski Michał


The article presents a discussion of and elaboration upon the hermeneutical statement received by the LWF Council in 2016 entitled „In the Beginning was the Word”. The Bible in the Life of the Lutheran Communion. The document engages the question of how Lutheran churches in many far-flung and varied contexts can reach some shared, mutual understanding regarding their reading and interpretation of biblical texts. The answer is that the whole Bible, particularly the most difficult passages, must be interpreted in light of its salvific message and also with regard to Luther’s crucial hermeneutical rules (Was Christum treibet). The key concept emphasizes that a reading of the Bible has a dynamic character: neither the Bible nor our situation is static. It means that our biblical interpretation may be a kind of „hermeneutical spiral” which is indeed a listening to the word of God
along with the questions of our time and contexts. Consequently, a biblical text may have a different meaning in different parts of the world. Furthermore, the document emphasizes the importance of theological education in order to prepare pastors, teachers and leaders
for effectively interpreting Scripture.