Mały krok do połączenia i nieznana droga ku zjednoczeniu

Small Pace to the Connection and the Unknown Road to the Unification

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Strona: 137 - 150

Publikacja w numerze: 16 (2016)

Autor: Moskałyk Jarosław


This short outline of the situation of the division between Orthodox denominations in the Ukraine can for instance to a little extent help to understand the scale of the problem. With essential building blocks so to speak increasing the crisis and mutual opposing are both current political conditioning in the country and aspiration of individual community to uniting various criteria on the base completely. However the biggest barrier in seeking, particularly Orthodox sides for communicating of community „noncanonical”, an excessive concentration constitutes on the own role and effects of the future unification. However the hostile UCP PM attitude towards the initiative in joining separate orthodox entities and creating the Orthodox autonomy in the Ukraine is making still taking ineffective.