Postulat hermeneutycznej potrzeby relacji teologia – nauki przyrodnicze w perspektywie współczesnej protestanckiej teologii stworzenia

The Postulate of Hermeneutic Needs of the Relationship Theology – Science in the Perspective of Modern Protestant Theology of Creation

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Strona: 79 - 94

Publikacja w numerze: 17 (2017)

Autor: Anderwald Andrzej


The most remarkable example of the theological retreat from a discussion of the scientific description of nature can be found in the theological doctrine of creation of the German protestant theologian Karl Barth (1886–1968). In the present many the Anglo-Saxon and the German protestants theologians show a big interest in the subject of relations between science and Christian theology (especially with theology of creation). Therefor their idea of theology of creation is completely in contrast to the Barth’s position rejecting the necessity of referring to the results of the natural sciences in the theology of creation. This is a relevant issue to the Christian faith. Its justification is made today in a climate of scientific thinking, in which scientific tools of recognizing of the world, as well as the scientific picture of the world, play an important role. This article will demonstrate the postulate of hermeneutic needs of the relationship theology – science based on the concept of theology of creation of two remarkable protestants theologians of twentieth century the Lutheran Wolfhart Pannenberg (1928–2014) and the representative of Reformed theology Jürgen Moltmann (*1926). Particular attention is paid to their indications that a credible doctrine of God as the Creator must take into account scientific understandings of the world.