Santi Cirillo e Metodio. Una santità alla misura d’uomo e per il nostro tempo

Saints Cyril and Methodius. A sanctity to Human Scale and for Our Time

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Strona: 37 - 48

Publikacja w numerze: 16 (2016)

Autor: Kijas Zdzisław Józef


Rebellion and meeting are the most intense and the most original signs of holiness and at the same time of the holiness of Cyril and Methodius. They were the real experts of these attitudes, courageous in proposing the Gospel values, despite of the hostility of some, and having ability to get into a polyphonic encounter with others. The way they enter into dialogue with the locals were very manifold. It was about the encounter in the plurality of existential expression of each person: spiritual and religious, cultural and linguistic, economic and geographical. Their approach to local populations then appeared dangerous to those who claimed to take possession of this territory. Our Holy brothers have been traveling to the spiritual and cultural spaces, first strange for them. A problem for the Saints Cyril and Methodius was not to go to other people, despite the great difficulties, which were not only travel difficulties (there were certainly those too, in the 9th century), but to turn to people who were not of Greek or Latin culture but the Slavic one. The two brothers, moved by sincere and disinterested love, turned to people of less education or life culture than the refined Byzantine civilization offered. They left their land to meet the new culture and confront the new challenges.