Teologiczna wizja małżeństwa i rodziny w prawosławiu a współczesne problemy pastoralne

The Theological Vision of Marriage and Family in Eastern Orthodoxy and the Contemporary Pastoral Problems

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Strona: 123 - 135

Publikacja w numerze: 16 (2016)

Autor: Leśniewski Krzysztof


In the modern world we experience an increasing crisis in human relations, which manifests itself especially in marriages and families. Common individualism and self-centeredness contributes to the reductionist conception of freedom and human love, which results in
a lack of responsibility for the decision taken. The article presents the understanding of marriage and family in Eastern Orthodoxy in a synthetic way. The author in relation to the tradition of Eastern Christianity indicates essential features of Christian marriage and its
connection with the Eucharist. In reference to the tasks of the family, there was emphasized the responsibility of parents for the upbringing and care for the spiritual development of their children. In the final part of the article there were presented contemporary threats to family life.